Jim Parson

The Most Challenging of Roles

Clearly, the more challenging the task the more rewarding it is. Benedict Cumberbatch has recently achieved global recognition as the antagonist in the new Star Trek movie but, before he became known around the world, he first performed the role of Sherlock Holmes in a BBC production that took Britain by storm. He said that it was an incredibly difficult part to play because of the speed at which he had to deliver long, intricate lines.
However, this kind of acting skill had already be been demonstrated by Jim Parsons a few years earlier in the Big Bang Theory where he played Sheldon Cooper. This was another role that required very good oratory skills and one that Jim Parsons did not find easy at first. It takes great focus and concentration to be able speak such dense sentences at speed but, when mastered, it produces entertainment of a high quality. But not only did Jim Parsons demonstrated the vocal ability required, he also possessed an incredible level of control over his expressions and facial muscles. Another well known British actor, Rowan Atkinson who plays Mr Bean, is able to produce high quality humour by just changing the look on his face in an instant. Jim Parsons also has this skill mastered. Not only can Jim Parsons instantly adopt any emotion required, he is also able to convey, with great accuracy, the sincerity behind it. The combination of these two difficult skills results in him being a comedic actor of the highest level. However, it is not only the performance skills that make him so admired, it is also the sentimentality behind Sheldon Cooper and his relationship with Leonard Hofstadter that really draw the audience in. Although, at first, Jim Parsons character seems distant and hard to relate to, underneath the calculating exterior, he has a very good heart and it is this that warms people to not only Sheldon Cooper, but to the whole show .
Jim Parsons portrayal of the super intelligent geek with the eidetic memory is widely acknowledge as the reason why the show has been such a success, not only in America, but in many other English speaking countries as well. Jim Parsons humility in the face of such success also demonstrates that he, like his character, is deep down, a very good man.

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