Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Copper is a fictional character playing at the CBS TV series Big Bang Theory. Sheldon portrays himself as actor Jim Parsons and due to his outstanding portrayal Cooper has managed to grab a TCA award, a Golden Globe Awards, and two Primetime Television Awards.

On The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper role plays as a Caltech theoretical physicist who is sharing out an apartment with a comrade, Leonard Hofstadter. In the television series Sheldon exhibits a strict adherence to lack of empathy or humility, tenuous understanding of humor, sarcasm, irony, total lack of social skills, and at the same time displays textbook narcissistic behavior. These characters are considered as the bedrock of the humor surrounding Sheldon, and have led into Cooper being described as the Big Bang Theory breakout character.

Sheldon is being believed to be from Galveston, Texas native and his mother, Mary Cooper, is a devout Evangelical Christian who tried her best to raise Sheldon according to her own beliefs, which are indeed contrary to Sheldon coopers ways as a modern scientist. Sheldon Cooper has been interested with physics from an early age in life but due to his behavioral quirks coupled with lack of humility about his outstanding intellect Sheldon Cooper was often bullied by neighbors and classrooms.

His intellectual ability can be traced back when he was only eleven years old when he managed to enroll in college, and by the time he was fourteen, he was graduating from college and managed to receive his PhD degree at just age sixteen. Sheldon Cooper also possesses in depth knowledge in critical areas such as history, engineering, electronics, computer science, vector calculus, differential equations, calculus, algebra, mathematics, cosmology, astronomy, physics, and various languages such as Arabic, Persian, Chinese Mandarin, French, and Spanish.

In light of his academic achievements at such a tender age, Sheldon Cooper is characterized as an individual who is very intelligent, rigidly logical, and socially inept. Despite Sheldon’s intellectual capabilities, he has severally been cited to display lack of common sense by exhibiting childish behaviors such as stubbornness which has also been exposed with the first four episode of the Big Bang Theory.

Various credible sources have indicated that Sheldon Cooper possesses an eidetic memory and an incredible Intelligent Quotient (IQ) score of 187.

Sheldon Cooper can be described to be scientifically inclined because he spends most of his free time enjoying video games, comic books, collectible card games, and also watching science fiction series such as Star Trek, Star wars, Battle star Galactica, and Doctor who among others.


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